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Forest FM is a not-for-profit radio station staffed primarily by volunteers. Please help keep us on air by donating via PayPal. The smallest donation is most welcome. Thank You !


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About Forest FM

Forest FM (and it's previous incarnation Verwood FM) has been established for over 10 years and has been actively campaigning throughout this time for a permanent, 24 hour local radio service for the area to the west of the New Forest.

The campaigning has included contact with local clubs, associations and companies. Support has also been sought from Members of Parliament, local councils and other public service bodies. The prime motivation has been to establish the need and potential viability for a radio station that would cover the area. The objectives of the station are to:

  • Support the local community by providing a focal point for common interest groups and organisations
  • Provide a music alternative to that which is currently available
  • Enable affordable radio advertising for local business, together with the ability to reach the the desired target audience.

Forest FM on Launch Day

An attempt was made to acquire a licence during 1998, when a number of small scale local licences were advertised for the Solent area. Unfortunately the licences all went to larger towns and cities. This set-back did not deter us from success and we finally have the station we think the local community deserves.

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